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It’s now risk-free: Self-care classes go virtual

-Fears and anxieties abound. This time is more stressful than we allow ourselves to admit, and to counter that, we need connection to others, and the connection to ourselves that being with others brings. But we can’t get physically close to others to share those connections. How do we get one without the other?

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Lyons howls

Belaida Medkour suggested on Facebook a “Community Primal Scream Therapy” the night of March 29. Meanwhile, Dr. Liz Erley also started on Facebook on March 30 a “Neighborhood Howl.” The next day, Erley reported, “Thanks Lyons Community for coming outside tonight at 8 p.m. to howl in solidarity. Not only did it relieve some stress but nice to be part of Lyons. I think we should do this again next Monday at 8 p.m.” Many people contacted her and said they would like to see this happening every week.

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Want more civility? The observation component

In part one of our series, the five components of non-adversarial communication (NAC) were identified as intention, observation, feelings, needs, and requests. Intention was described as really wanting to understand the other’s perspective. If you want to convince another person that you’re right, then you’re likely to trigger an adversarial response.

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