Ernie Simkins, obit

Ernie Simkins, Obituary

He was a beloved janitor at Lyons Elementary for 14 years – from 1984 to 1999.Ernie entertained Lyons senior citizens during those years. He would dress up as a clown and he and his wife would put on fun skits for them. For the Lyons Good Old Days Parades, he marched as a clown, to the delight of all the youth. Ernest was an original Denver Broncos season ticket holder, an avid fly fisherman; and a Korean Vet.

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Glenn Klepel

Glenn Klepel, Obituary

Obituary of Glenn Klepel – Glenn Klepel served as Trustee from 1992 thru 1996. In 1996 he was elected Mayor and served from April 1996 thru 1998.
He then was elected Trustee again in 2001 and served thru 2004. He worked and live din Lyons over 34 years, until his death.

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Jeanie Brown, obit photo 2-21

Emma “Jeanie” Brown, Obituary

Obituary – Jeanie (81 years old) and Dean (deceased 2018) Brown were married for almost 60 years and spent most of their life on Apple Valley Road. they had four children.

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Mary Ann Reynolds, obit 1-20-21

Mary Ann Reynolds, Obituary

Obituary of Mary Ann Reynolds, (1940 to 2021), passed away at 81 years old. Born in Greely, but grew up and went to school in Lyons. Left to go to college and jobs and marriage.

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Richard Roe - obit photo

Richard Michael Roe, Obituary

Obituary, Richard Roe, 71 (1949 – 2021) Family comes first. Wife Connie, deceased. Lyons High School grad 1967. Worked in logging, road construction, fishing charter.

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John Frysig obit 2020

John Frysig, Obituary

John Frysig was born in Montana in 1939, and he soon moved to Lyons, and remained there for the rest of his life (and his family). He married Sue Ann Kelling in 1962. He worked at Conoco, Lyons, and Ted’s Hardware, Lyons, till retiring.

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Don Colard

Donald Colard, Obituary

Don was last of the large Colard family who moved here in 1917. Their ranch is now Spring Gulch Subdivision where 200 to 300 families live. — see brief history of his family, 5 generations, and Don (102 years old).

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