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CO Gerontological Society, advocates for seniors; also assists with life services

Older adults and their families are encouraged to call or visit CGS for assistance regarding housing options; nursing home placements; questions regarding health insurance; food supplies, or location of a geriatric physician. A counselor will consult = to understand the problem = work to identify and prioritize solutions and services. —– Also, includes things like helping individuals fill out forms, and MORE…

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CD review: Greg Schochet, Amblin’ Man

Greg Schochet has released his first solo recording called “Amblin’ Man,” — Greg grew up listening to and influenced by his father’s record collection: Bob Dylan, The Band, Beatles, Stones etc. He later added his high school favorites AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Lenard Skynyrd and of course the Grateful Dead to his influences. “The Dead led me, like so many of my generation, to bluegrass and the mandolin,” he said.

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Home Sweet Trailer Park, flooded out, now Botanic Gardens

Before the September 2013 flood, there was a neighborhood tucked along the South St. Vrain Creek between CO Highway 7 and 4th Avenue. This pocket of land hosted 13 mobile homes of the Foothills Mobile Home Park,. These structures are all completely gone now, casualties of flood damage, and this area is now the growing Rocky Mountain Botanic Gardens.

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