photo goes with pesticide article by Tess McDonald

Opinion: Pesticide usage in Lyons’ parks

Almost three years ago, RoundUp was sprayed in new Lavern Johnson Park (by the way, glyphosate remains present in the soil there, 2.5 years later). Concerned parents went to the Town of Lyons Parks and Recreation. This is the story of what happened in 2020. – Opinion column –

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lone man walking on city street with skyscrapers (Loas)

The Year of Covid Lockdown (personal essay)

== Essay on LockDown == everyday blending into next, totally different from what we have known … work and school routines … Our adaptation maddening and admirable, all things considered. …The question asked often and now almost cliché: “How you are doing, you safe / healthy”?
My standard response: “Better than most, better than expected”!

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Person on the Street

Person on the Street Q&A: New Year’s Resolutions

We are constantly growing or changing… “the only constant is change”. But without fail, each of us tries to change ourselves …making resolutions…I set out on the streets of Lyons to see what kind of New Year’s resolutions had been made by locals.

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