Lyons Volunteers join LEAF, history of LV

The Lyons Volunteers (LoV) Board of Directors has announced that LoV will become a new program under the Lyons Emergency & Assistance Fund (LEAF) umbrella. The organizational change should be completed within the next few months, but LoV and LEAF are already coordinating to provide volunteer help in response to the ongoing coronavirus restrictions. The move will minimize administrative expenses, especially insurance costs, and help ensure LoV can continue to provide volunteer help to Lyons residents and to the Town of Lyons.

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Award recipient recalls history of Leos Club

Jonelle Tucker received the Outstanding Service award from the Lyons Lions Club for helping them start the Leo Lyons teen volunteer group. Club president Jerry Tabor presented the award on March 10. The Club is an active group of outstanding young people, grades nine through 12, who have been involved in many local service projects since 2014. The acronym Leo stands for Leadership, Experience, Opportunity. The Lions, the Leos and Tucker are not big on broadcasting what they achieve, but this article intends to honor and summarize what the clubs do.

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