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Welcome to the new Lyons Recorder! We are members of the greater Lyons community who believe that Lyons needs to have a weekly voice. Since the print version of the Recorder went out of business in the late summer of 2019, we worked on developing an online-only presence. Work began in the fall of 2019, with the first issue being in January 2020. A revised and finalized version appeared in September 2020, what you see today.

Throughout the country, community newspapers have been bought up by hedge funds that stripped them of resources and fired large numbers of journalists. Other newspapers, facing declining revenues and soaring costs, have folded. It is a consensus that small town community newspapers will survive this crisis because it can bring you local news, opinions, and features that reflect the community’s interests and needs. Thus, the Lyons Recorder is a survivor!

If you would like to join us as a writer, graphic designer, tech assistant, sales person, or business manager, please contact us at lyonsrecorder.editor@gmail.com. You can always find this information on jobs and how to donate at the bottom of our web pages under “Support & Help Wanted.”  

Kathleen Spring, Publisher, Editor-in-Chief                 September 1, 2020

Thank you to Clark Hodge and Activist & Historian LaVern Johnson for joining me in championing the preservation of a weekly Lyons newspaper. And to Clark Hodge, partner, for his expertise in helping produce and design a professional web site.

Thank you to the 40 writers who have committed to bringing news, and education, and entertainment articles to the Town of Lyons.

LYONS AREA VOLUNTEER WRITERS…writing about local news “online edition”:

Rebecca Batson (features), Jessie Berta-Thompson (botanic gardens), Aaron Caplan (utilities), Tanya Mercer-Daty (LCF), Keith Gleason (astronomy), Deja Heckard-Dunn (holistic health), James Hart (addiction counseling, wellness), Sara Hart (wellness), Janaki Jane (community wellness), LaVern Johnson (social news), Yani Jones (History Commission), Cheri Maureaux (mental wellness, LEAF), Rebecca Major (LEAF, wellness assistance), David McIntyre (music), Bronwyn Muldoon (physical therapy, wellness) Donna M. Nespoli (wildlife), Bill Palmer (library news), Linda Pecone (health/foods), Marcus Richardson (school sports), Kathleen Spring (features), Joan Treece (emergency preparedness), Tamara Vega Haddad (arts and culture), Kate Zalzal (Ecology Board)…and various Garden Club members.
Occasional writers: Lory Barton (LEAF), Olivia Cope (student perspective), Martin Soosloff (poet), Kim Mitchell (Town Economics), Jessica Olson (Lyons watershed), Vance French (poet), Charlie Gau (student perspective), Andi Pearson (health), Mark Roberts (school sports), Mysti Tatro (Greenwood rehab), Sally VanMeter (birds), Marya Washburn (fire department) ~~ Pastors Emily Hagan and Mickey Lohr;  ~~ and, Chairs of Town of Lyons Commissions and Boards.

~~ and the many people who submit photographs, articles, or information once… or once-a-year… a great bonus to our archive! 

Thank you to the Staff who produced a wonderful newspaper from January to June of 2020: 

Ken Singer, Kathleen Spring, Sandy Spellman, Chrystal DeCoster, Marcus RichardsonKate Kerr, Amy Reinholds, LaVern Johnson, Cristina Trapani-Scott, Brianna Hoyt, and Clark Hodge

AND, all of the excellent contributing writers and photographers

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