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many birds at spring/bird house

Poet’s Corner: Spring Fling

The days have been so blustery,
and i just can’t take custody of Spring, elusive Spring. So i thought i would just sit myself down in my big back yard and plan myself a fling-a Spring Fling. // poem continues

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book: Bears Don't Care

Book: Bears Don’t Care About Your Problems, More Funny Sh** in the Woods

BOOK REVIEW: If you have any connection with the outdoors – whether you camp in the wildness for a month, or take a one-hour hike with your kids, you will “understand” and be entertained by his wry and witty comments on outdoor adventure.= covers everything from wildlife, to outdoor clothing, to tent etiquette, and simple rules for positive living.

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National Poetry Mo - thumbnail

Poet’s Corner: Breeding Tranquility

Poet Martin Soosloff combines the image of the ancient redrock with that of springtime. == “Breeding tranquility – being to being – conveyed via a smile, nod, wave, hello or pet — restorative walking meditation – a colorful brush stroke on winter’s benign beige…”

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1918 family during pandemic

Quarantine, 1918 (Poet’s Corner)

There were towns that knew about the flu before it arrived; they had time to imagine the germs on a stranger’s skirts, to see how death could be sealed in an envelope, how a fever could bloom in the evening, and take a life overnight…….

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