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~~We began the newest version of the Lyons Recorder in September 2020. The online-only version was converted to an accessible, professional looking, journalism-style newspaper. We offer easy access to current and past articles, for both entertainment and informational benefit of our readership. We focus on LYONS AREA articles, photographs, resources, and weekly town news columns. Our readership covers Lyons’ households and extends into the Front Range. The Town of Lyons has a population of 2,000 and the newspaper has a readership of 1,000 as of November 2020.

~~ Please send us your inquiry, along with your company name and what you do, and the type of advertisement that you would like to place, and for what length of time. — we do realize that you may be giving us an estimate based on price. 

We aim to have affordable prices, and big discounts when the ads are placed for extended periods of time. Clients with long-running ads have opportunities to be in articles and weekly news-updates that are in your business’ category. 

 ~~ The Lyons Recorder reserves the right to reject ads that do not fit our Mission and Standards. 

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