Support & Help Wanted

Thank you for visiting our SUPPORT & HELP WANTED Page to address options on how you can support and/or get involved in Your Local Small Town Newspaper! 

The easiest and most obvious way to support us is to be a regular reader and to share that information and/or link with your family, friends, associates, neighbors, and more.

A donation goes a long way with the Small Town Newspaper. Your dollars count! We don’t need thousands to do this, but we do need the Bread and Butter Donations. Thank you. (You can mail in checks now, and we hope to have a Donation Button working some time in October) Your Donations will be acknowledged publicly.

The first week of October we are revealing our new professional newspaper Home Page! after a month of fine-tuning it. Our next steps will be to:

  1. Create a Donate Button to give you an easy way to donate online (you can mail in a check also). We appreciate your kind and generous donations to help get this Home Town paper online!
  2. Create an Advertisement Program, which includes gathering statistics, facts, design, costs, etc.
  3. Create a Subscription Program, which would give readers an easy, inexpensive way to contribute to the cost of running the newspaper. And would include exciting bonuses, events, and appreciation gifts.
  4. Create a Newsletter that is useful and interesting to read, and is sent out in a timely manner.

Contact editor Kathleen Spring at



We welcome inquiry letters from local writers and/or writing about local topics. We also welcome “ideas” on what you would like to read about, or events in town, etc. (We do not print Press Releases “as is” nor do we loosely promote items. Our articles are meant to be informative and not bias).


Experienced Editors preferred: == Would you like to be the weekly Newsletter Editor? Would you like to be the Editor of a Category, and schedule and guide writers? Would you like to handle the Subscribers Care Program? Would you like to be a Copyediting Editor?


Your ad dollar is focused on local Lyons residents. “Coming Soon.” If you have experience in selling ads, and would love to get to know our local business owners on a personal level, then this position is for you! There comes great satisfaction in knowing that you have helped local businesses thrive, and help residents be in-the-know about what’s available in town!


Are you a techie wanting to help? Whether you can donate an hour or 24 hours, you will meet some great tech people here, who are just regular Lyons folks who like to see their creations bloom online. This includes GRAPHICS help with the ads.


Are you a retired Office Manager, Lawyer, Bookkeeper, etc. and would be willing to donate a day or two, here and there? Since we are a small LLC we have limited paperwork needed to be done, and filings; but an experienced person can do it in a fraction of the time of a journalist! Let’s team up and know that we created the base of a great journalism experience for Lyons locals!