About Town with LaVern – October 29, 2019

NEWS IS CLOSE Thanks to Ken Singer, Sandy Spellman, and others who are determined to revitalize the news for the Lyons Recorder. It will be online under LyonsRecorder.org. We invite you to send in your news, and keep us up to date, or e-mail lyonsrecorder.editor@gmail.com. Life has been dull without some weekly news and we hope you will appreciate our effort.

OLD AGE has caught up with me, I am suffering with bursitis (inflammation in my right hip) A very real pain in the b…! I hope it clears up soon. Call if you have any advice. Wrap, cortisone, therapy, heat, cold, has all been tried. A painful situation!

HALLOWEEN IS HERE! This Thursday is trick-or-treating around the home. Get your treats ready.

STOP BY THE LYONS OUTDOOR MARKET Abunch of “stuff” on the lot east of the Fork to benefit the Lyons Community Foundation, and BUY YOUR TICKET FOR THE LEAF TOUR, JERALYN AND COHORTS HAVE PLANNED FOR YOU.

BENEFIT GARAGE SALE at 306 Evans will continue this Saturday (November 2), 11am-4pm , weather permitting. A benefit for the Lyons Redstone Museum. Thanks to all for gobs of “stuff” that has been donated. Pay what you want. Take it home and enjoy. Funds are being raised to keep the Museum (the town’s 1881 schoolhouse) going. Or send donations to Box 9, Lyons, Colorado, 80540.

Sonny Smith and cohorts have opened the Pharmacy building for the Art Pharm, where various artists will be selling their wares. Stop by.

LEARN TO KNIT at the Stone Cup on Wednesdays at 11am led by Robyn Stone.

OLD TIME DANCE THIS SATURDAY NOVEMBER 2, at Oskar Blues, 7-10pm, with Ellen and others. Lots of fun! $10 each.

Laura Levy, Pinewood Springs Realtor, now has her office at 441 on Main Street. Drop by. She intends to feature Lyons and area souvenirs.

CHANGES AT LYONS POST OFFICE Daphne Goodwin, Lyons Postmaster, has been transferred to Longmont; Christine Boya is now the temporary postmaster. Thanks Daphne for the years you served the Lyons postal patrons.

Thanks to Craig Ferguson for furnishing Planet Bluegrass for Rave to the Grave with over 750 wristbands sold. Someone said they took in $39,500??? A wonderful time. Thanks Arthur Lee Land, Brian Schey and all other bands. Great costumes, lots of fun, making lots of money for LEAF; our thanks to all. Craig’s mom, Barbara, and his brother and family were there. Welcome!!!

ANNUAL CHILI SUPPER at The Stone Cup was the greatest with pots and pots of chili (someone please send in the winners). Thanks to the Lyons Garden Club.

THE HALLOWEEN PARADE was the biggest yet. Led by the MS\HS bands and choirs, followed by the Mayama dancers, with hundreds of spooks parading up the street. Followed by the businesses giving out treats — some had pillow cases filled with candy. A wonderful evening.

40 persons enjoyed the sing-a-long at LaVern’s park Sunday evening, with Janaki Jane and her cohorts building the fire in the old shelter fireplace, furnishing the marshmallows, and the song sheets of a variety of songs from Row, Row, Row Your Boat, America the Beautiful, Home on the Range to name a few. Although it was cold and windy it was enjoyable. Thanks to all.

DR. HADDAD About 50 attended parents and staff attended the annual visit of Dr. Don Haddad, Superintendent of the St. Vrain Valley Schools, who told the strengths of the school district and the Lyons school and answered questions. Again he vows that Lyons does not have to worry about being closed, just because it is a small school. [The fight to save the Lyons Jr/Sr High School started in 1948 to have one centralized high school in Longmont. Thus the fight was on, and was won by having board members from each district as well as building a high school in their section — Niwot, Skyline, Mead, Erie, Frederick, and Silver Creek. The bond for the Lyons Jr/Sr High was passed in 1970 and built in 1975. A glorious day for Lyons and other area schools. An effort is always made to keep up the standards of the school, and we are proud of their accomplishments.]

LYONS SENIORS Thanks to the Lyons Community Church for dinner served to the Seniors on Monday, and the LDS Church serving on Tuesday, October 29, at 5:30pm. Write LovingLyonsSeniorGroup@gmail.com for the latest Senior Newsletter. Join the Seniors…a great group. The River Church will serve next Monday, November 4. Join the exercises on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the meals on Wednesdays and Fridays, and the Christmas trip (Tuesday, Dec. 17th, at 5:30, with a meal at the Roost and a tour of the Longmont Christmas Lights).

Jerry Ribble of the Lyons Senior Center has moved to Texas to be with his daughter Samantha Stott and family.

THE LYONS REDSTONE MUSEUM closed for their 40th season on September 29, and I wish to thank all staff: Terri Weir, Monique Sawyer-Long, Baiba Lennard and volunteers: Emily Walker, Brittany Hoyt, Jerry Johnson, and others for their help. Good programs on Fading Lyons History, The Cemetery Walk, and Saving our School were enjoyed by all. Grants have been received from the town for employees; from SCFD and Blue Mountain Foundation for Operations, Lyons Community Foundation — special displays and programs, and dues and donations for general expenses. Send your donations to Box 9, Lyons, Colorado, 80540. The Museum is closed for the winter months and will be open May weekends and then daily June through October 4.

Monique Sawyer Lang, and Brianna Hoyt of the Lyons Historical Society attended the SCFD meeting at Growing Gardens in Boulder to receive their yearly grant amounting to $4,290.00. The SCFD is 1/10 of 1% sales tax collected from seven metro counties for Scientific, Cultural, and History projects. They donate to 160 Tier III organizations, as well as concerts, museum, etcetera. Our thanks.

SPORTS Congratulations to both the girls and boys cross country teams who came out first in the Regionals in Lyons last Friday, and both teams won State in 2A with Isaac Roberts and Quin Gregg winning individual awards in State. We are surely proud of you. Thanks to parents and friends that said “Good Luck” as they watched the Team buses go to State — softball and cross country.

We are proud of our SOFTBALL team, who beat Holyoke at the Regionals, but lost to Limon 8–7 at State, with University High winning the 2A State in Softball.

FAREWELL AND THANK YOU DONNA BOONE After 36 years and on the brink of being closed a month for surgery, Beverly Bentley from Johnstown happened by and bought the shop, located in the hallway west of the Soda Fountain, now known as Bentley’s Salon (303) 823-6482. We thank Donna for the many years of giving us “beauty” treatments. We will miss her, but welcome Ms. Bentley, who has remodeled the shop and is open for business.

Thanks to the Weed Posse who met two times a week all spring, summer, and fall, and due to the weather are taking the winter months off. They pulled lots of weeds and covered a lot of territory. A few people surely made a big difference!

Mark Browning, an Astro follower, flew to Austin, Texas, picked his daughter for her birthday and drove to Houston last Wednesday when the Astros got beat 13–4! However, The Astros are getting close to winning!

Dr Joe Meckle enjoyed a week in Florida for more or less a family reunion with his daughter Jennie & three children; and joined his mother (age 95); and siblings from Baltimore.

Mayama celebrated their 10th year of Dancing last Sunday with three bouts of dancing. Very enjoyable.

WEDDING Zack Tucker and Emily Garcia were married at Planet Bluegrass. Our congratulations.

GET WELL WISHES TO GARY McCRUMB who was badly hurt with broken leg, etc., when his motorcycle was hit, and back in the hospital with an infection. He is making progress and will be home soon.

Kathy Schupp writes she is in the hospital, but doing okay. Get well, Kathy!

REMEMBERING Clarence Fjeld, on his 88th deceased and former resident of Lyons, by his wife, Ellen, daughter Barbara Payne, two sons, and grandchildren.

WE EXPRESS OUR SYMPATHY at the death of David DeCoster’s mother.

BETTY McNEILL A service was held for Betty McNeill, 84, of Lyons, on Friday, October 4 at the New Creation Church in Longmont. The family moved to Lyons over 50 years ago. She is survived by her husband Vernon, married over 70 years ago, son Mike, and several grandchildren, with sons Doug and Rodney deceased. A good neighbor and friend, she will be greatly missed.

A service was held at 426 Park on Saturday, October 4, to honor Larry Cohan, who passed away with a heart attack. Known as the area painter and artist, he composed many flood pictures the family has gathered in his honor, and was trying to build a flood memorial along the St. Vrain Creek. He was always willing to help his fellowman, and is survived by his sister, Priscilla Cohan of Lyons, two other sisters and a brother. We express our sympathy. Donation for the services will be appreciated: send to PO Box 636, Lyons, Colorado 80540

WITH SYMPATHY We express our sympathy at the death of Merle McCain, age 88, son of James and Lucy McCain, whose family came to Lyons from Eastlake, Colorado in 1944 where his father operated a barber shop on Main Street. Merle served in the US Navy and then worked for Martin Marietta Cement Co., retiring as a supervisor. He married Bernice Krous in 1972; she passed away in 2018. He is survived by one sister, Margaret Billings of Lyons, brothers, James of Carver, Ma, Leonard of Brighton, Dean of Arvada, and Gene of Lyons, numerous nieces and nephews. Grave services were held last Friday, October 11 at the Lyons cemetery. Honors were provided by the American Legion Post 32. Donations may be made to Halycon Hospice, c\o Carroll-Lewellen of Longmont.

WITH SYMPATHY AT THE DEATH OF FARREN ELWOOD who attended school in Lyons, married Arlene Cink, had two children, Danny, dec’d and Tammy. He will be sadly missed

WITH SYMPATHY AT THE DEATH OF JOHN FRYSIG of the class of 1957. John was the son of Mary Frysig, the brother to Don, Carl, Darrell, and Mildred. He was in the US Navy, married Sue Ann (Frysig) Platz and became a great stepfather to Cindy, Pam, and Jack Platz, and father to Sandra Frysig. A memorial service will be held around Thanksgiving.

WITH SYMPATHY TO THE FAMILY OF REGINA VIGIL a long-time member of Lyons. She is survived by a son, family, and friends.

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