1. The idea of repurposing existing buildings is not only smart but it’s common sense from an environmental viewpoint. There’s much complaining about Cemex here in our community, but consider the amount of cement needed for new construction and where it might come from. Case in point is the old Boulder hospital on the corner of Broadway. I was shocked to see half of the structure gone – torn down and trucked off to a landfill somewhere when it could have been repurposed into the housing that is planned there. Ditto the old Macy’s on 29th Street Mall. While neither of these fit the “historical preservation” category, the point of this article is well-taken and can be applied to other projects. Shame on Boulder for their hypocritical environmental stance while allowing teardowns and not requiring developers (themselves included in the case of the old hospital) to repurpose older buildings.

  2. Thank you for your comments. — You will be glad to hear this: In our November 16th “recycling” article, we posted this great information: 40% of landfill is construction materials. The city of Boulder salvaged 94% of the materials on its recent demolition. The materials are usually crushed and mixed and cannot be re-used. The Boulder Community Health Hospital was carefully dismantled, and had 30 million pounds of materials either put to reuse or recycle. The city plans to re-use the steel girders in new construction (and currently has a building going up using it). Only Boulder and Palo Alto, California are doing this so far. (City of Boulder)

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