1. Hi, Kathleen- Thanks so much for all the great info!
    Under Lyons Garden Club, projects- It says spruce up ‘Cathy’s garden’, but
    the reference is for the Garden Club’s help offered for the Clarifier landscaping,
    potential gardens. In honor of Priscilla Cohan, who passed away Oct. 16th.
    And the Weed Posse is part of Lyons Volunteers, under LEAF.

  2. Thanks, Cathy, for reading our list of Lyons great nonprofits. — as far as the reference to “Cathy’s garden”, I got that off of the Garden Club’s Facebook page. I have changed it to “Clarifier project.” — and the Weed Posse already says that it is part of the volunteers and LEAF; but we will change it from “Posse is part of Lyons Volunteers, all under LEAF“, to “Posse is part of Lyons Volunteers, which is part of LEAF” as you feel people might be mislead. Thanks for your continued weeding work in Lyons!

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