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  1. Maryssa Silva, External Communications Manager for Cemex’s U.S. operations supplied this information: A few things to know about the Title V Permit & Public Comment Hearing

    –Title V of the Clean Air Act governs the operating permit for specific stationary sources of emissions, including cement plants.
    –Renewal of a Title V permit is a normal process that occurs every 5 years.
    –As part of the process, the AQCC will hold a requested public comment hearing where community members can comment on the draft Title V permit.
    –No decision on the permit will be made during the hearing.
    –The Lyons Cement Plant produces quality materials that can be found in homes, schools, hospitals, roads, bridges and more.
    –The Lyons Cement Plant is an active and dedicated community partner, providing financial and volunteer support to community and educational programs, as well as environmental conservation efforts year after year.
    –We have more than 100 employees living in the local area.

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