1. Some of this advice about pruning goes against other advice I have read – now I’m confused. Also watering in the winter really depends on where you live. I’m in Minnesota. It gets way too cold here in the dead of winter to water anything! Most plants, shrubs and trees that grow in our zone go dormant so no need to water. They also get water from the snow.

  2. This was written in a Colorado newspaper. The state is considered semi-arid, and the ground/soil is different than other states. Also, because of the difference in altitude found in the state there is a large range of temperatures. And the Rocky Mountains result in a sort of rocky soil in many places. The state’s most prominent soil is clay. No, we do not regularly water our yards in the winter time — they do go dormant — but, my neighbors and I can state for a fact that our perennials will die if we don’t keep an eye on the moisture levels over winter; as well as warnings from “weather people” on TV when we have long periods without snowfall. // As far as pruning, you can look up the authors/naturalists that I listed and check their books. // thanks for the comments.

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