1. my comment this morning is for all the Moffitt family, because some of Pete’s kin may not know that
    I have already been in contact with his Wife Cindy, i might also add that I was devastated to learn of his passing, perhaps because of the close friendship Pete and I shared over the years, particularly after he began working at the Andesite Quarry, near Lyons, his adopted home town!

    John Hall

  2. We will never, ever forget what a great guy Pete was, and how you, Cindy and Pete took care of our daughter when she moved to Colorado. Without another soul close by, you became her home-away-from-home, and became such good friends to her, and closer friends to us.

    Pete’s memory will be in our hearts always…❤ Love to you, Cindy, Amy and Leah…

    Sali & Mike

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