1. Wonderful tribute to an amazing man- he indeed was a strong figure in the community for years. Always trying his best to keep Lyons striving and the communities best interest as he accomplished some pretty amazing things. He was loved by many.. he will he missed by all.
    thank you!

  2. Walt Kinderman was a cantankerous guy with a heart of gold – always such a good friend. I treasure the last time I visited him at the facility where he was living. We had some good chats of the many years we shared in Lyons. Walt was a treasure!

    Rest in Peace, my friend. You will be missed.

    Mary Beckstrom

  3. Dear Walt, you and Patty were so good to all of us in the Baisley family! So many things I could mention,but here is one thing that I think would have been your favorite! You introduced Paul, Johnny and Eddy to Star Wars! Always love you and will miss you. Rest in peace my friend.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about Mr. Kinderman’s passing. He had a wacky sense of humor. He could write some amazing stories in the Lyons Recorder. I was a rookie Police Officer in Lyons back in the 80′ s and he would be the only person awake when I was doing door checks. He’d be at the office getting the newspaper ready to print. So many folks that I knew in town have passed away. I wish I could have told Mr.Kinderman that I actually thought he was a good guy. Sad news for sure.

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