1. Thank you for the update. The information that one OFF STREET PARKING spot per room is very important. The parking they show on the map are ALL street parking. Some dedicated parking lot will have to be included to make this 79 room hotel possible. Also, no one seems to address the current state of our water permits and our sewer system. I assume all water rights will be purchased at full price and how is our sewer system going to handle 80 plus toilets, showers and commercial use in a restaurant.

  2. Your welcome, and thanks for your comments. The original article has more details about where they plan to have 79 parking spots, which includes some on their property. Also, the Planner says it will take 3 to 6 months to review the Plan, and after that there will be some public meetings where the Town will make a presentation, and you can voice your concerns. (see this week’s articles for his exact responses).

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