1. I’m concerned that the number of rooms seems to rely on the amount of cars you think you can get if you valet park every car, AND get the triangle shaped piece of land across from the firehouse to use. The public transport around here is not something you can even consider in your planning. We WILL end up with a parking issue. The article talks of “locals” planning this, but obviously not anyone who has to rely on parking downtown, or anyone that cares how people are going to be able to still access the businesses. Who cares where people put their vehicles as long as they have a place to sleep/you can make money off their stay.

  2. This hotel seems too large for our small town. It will dominate the area instead of our beautiful historic buildings. I also believe it will negatively effect our current lodging and restaurants taking business away from established businesses. A smaller project would be in keeping with the unique character of our town.

  3. Please note that the current design is not done by our firm, Arch11, or myself. We did propose a much smaller hotel (13 rooms), authentic to place and sensitive to the historic structure. The current owner group opted for another design team and our fees remain outstanding.

  4. Although the term “boutique” hotel (hotels between 10 and 100 rooms) was used…. 79 rooms for our little downtown does seem imposing. I agree that trying to fit 79 parking spaces will be a Very tight fit… no matter how you “rationalize” them. I am for smart sustainable development. And we’ve already seen the 15 to 20 car back-ups at traffic lights in high season. Car exhaust masks anyone!!

  5. I see the developer has essentially not addressed the parking concern. Visitors to a small town are not going to willingly pay for tightly packed valet parking.

    But my bigger concern is, when visitors learn how much noise traffic makes all night long, from may through October, sandwiched between Main St. and Broadway, are they going to return? Or is all-night casino gambling somewhere in the future planning?

  6. I’d like to see the owners bankrupt themselves on this ridiculous behemoth. Lyons is hardly a dying town in need of angel investors. I feel sorry for the small businesses in town that struggle to survive, especially in winter.

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