1. This is surely a good description of Chester..Yes, he never sat still, had his nibs in everything.
    He was a good friendly person, who we will all miss. God Bless you all.
    LaVern,Jerry and Ron-neighbors cittycornered to Chester.

  2. Down the alley neighbors the Thompson family loved Chet (Mr. Bernard) and his wonderful Family! Exceptional opportunity to grow up with such a great example of a loving Father and Neighbor to all,
    Leona, Jimmy, Willard, (Lorne) and Wendy

  3. A beautiful and very accurate tribute to our neighbor, Chet Bernard. Thank you for remembering Chet so well. As stated, Chet was there for all of us. And that huge smile never left him! We will miss you dearly my friend but are thankful that you touched our lives.

    One of our teenage sons rolled a little Dodge pickup on the old gravel road to the High School. Chet took that beat up truck in and restored it like “brand new.” A true artist!

    Sending our love to you, Sherri, Randy and families during this heartfelt sorrow of losing your dear Dad. Your Dad and Mom were true “good neighbors.”

    Sorry, to miss the service for your Dad, we had out of town guest today.
    Blessings to all of you from The Thompson Family, Darlene, Leona, Jim, Willard and Wendy
    and our Dad, James and son, Lorne would have been proud to be included in the condolences.

  4. Great read, and the mention of Valmont Auto Parts reminded me of our gear-head conversations over coffee! As a kid, I grew up in the back of that junkyard and spent a lot of time at the Elks Club with the owners…

  5. We are remembering Chester fondly as we read these notes. Pete says he always enjoyed talking to him when they would run into each other at Lonnie’s (Clark’s hardware). I recall that he always had a smile and greeted us warmly.

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