1. Is Bohn Park in Lyons named after Sherman Bohn. He used to be mayor there when I was 9 or 10 in 1960 or so. He and my grandma, Elsa Stafford Bohn lived at 212 High Street. I loved the rock quarry up the hill. Sadly I haven’t been back to Lyons in over 50 years. I am sure it is so different now. Thank you for your response in advance. Sharon

  2. Yes, Sherman Bohn was said to be “a friend to everyone,” in addition to devoting his time to politics. The park was named after him (I will add that to the park reconstruction article). And he is buried in the Lyons Cemetery. There still is an active and productive quarry in Lyons. And many homes, including Main Street sidewalks, are made of the red sandstone. We did a “history talk” about him in 2007. The house at that address still exists and has two sandstone walls in front. But we toured his house on 5th Avenue, which is now “town hall.” If you are interested in getting a history book, or if you want your information passed on to his daughter, Julie, you can write LyonsHistory@yahoo.com.

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