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Greetings my wonderful Lyons readers! We are finally *IN* the Holiday Season! Lights are going up around town homes and streets, shoppers are beginning to be seen walking down Main Street, the Town is welcoming stationary floats on High Street for a “Resident Car Parade,” and Santa will be seen on downtown streets, accompanied by a band wagon. 


So, let’s get started…

We had good weather for our Thanksgiving Day. I heard many people enjoyed hiking in our wonderous Colorado trails and mountains. I also heard about people sharing meals with other locals. I shared my turkey (in boxes to go) with a couple of seniors who had to cancel their normal plans. The River Church had lots of hot turkey meals for all. 

People appear to be enthusiastic about putting up their Christmas lights outside this year. It brings such cheer to the neighborhood! …much needed after enduring a stressful year. (send in your photos for a joyful ‘photo spread’). They are saying that real trees are a hot commodity this year. (We have info in FLASH News about how to cut your own tree in the national forests). I put up some lights. I got some white, two-foot tall stars and snowflakes, and the last time I put them on the front of my house. This year I hung them from the redwood railing, and it made quite a difference, as the lights previously blended in with the grey house paint. Now how did I not notice that!?


Did you know that there are more than a dozen world-wide holidays celebrated in December? Go to FLASH News for a list of them, and their dates. (Find out more about Kwanzaa, mark down the Winter Solstice and visit our Labyrinth, read about St. Christopher, who was the first Father Christmas, and more)

TOWN OF LYONS:   The Town of Lyons is supporting residents and businesses in putting up decorations on High Street for a “Frozen Parade of Lights” — which means the floats will be “frozen in their parking spot.” You can drive by in a sort of parade-of-cars on Saturday, December 7 from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Or, do it on your own the rest of the month. — Before the parade, SANTA will drive around the neighborhood, with a live band, and wave to the kids. See the Town’s web page for more details:

To sign up for visits with Santa virtually, go to the Town’s page:

Dave Cosgrove, Director of Parks and Works, stated on December 1st, that there will be no fireworks “at least not for now.” Watch for an E-Blast from the Town if things change.

SUPER DUPER FOOD PANTY:  If you’re ready for some extra-special holiday cheer, plan to stop by LEAF’s Super Duper Holiday Food Pantry on Wednesday, December 16! You’ll be welcomed with treats, all the fixins’ for your holiday meal….and some Very Special Guests! It’s LEAF’s holiday gift to the community, come and enjoy! Special thanks to Higher Grounds Ministries, Laura Levy Coldwell Banker, Lyons Elementary, Lyons Middle/Senior High School, and more! 

GIFTS FOR THE DISADVANTAGED:  Buy a Christmas Gift for a disadvantaged person (adult and/or child) in Lyons! The annual LEAF Giving Trees are now in town, or you can donate on their web site. (See my “Message of Care” below for more detail). Deadline is December 16. And, of course, this is on FLASH News’ calendar.

COLORADO GIVES DAY, Tuesday December 8:  Coloradans gave $51,000,000 last year! You can donate between now and December 8. Type in “Lyons” and see all the great organizations that pop up!  INCENTIVES: Community First Foundation and FirstBank each contributed $500,000 to create a $1 Million Incentive Fund, one of the largest gives-day incentive funds in the country. Every nonprofit receiving a donation on Colorado Gives Day receives a portion of the fund, which increases the value of every dollar donated

COVID – REFERENCE PAGE. You will want to bookmark our article, as it is full of “common questions asked,” plus links. (This is a result of searching 100s of pages from the CDC, FDA and CO health). This is aimed to be a one-stop-place to find your answers, and save links for future searches.

FREE COVID-19 TESTING in LYONS:  ONLY three Fridays left to get the free test locally! ====Note, some people have experienced long waits for the test results. Call the phone number on the paper you are given, and have the medical results emailed to you.====The Town would like you to know: In order for Boulder County Public Health to have the most accurate location data for cases in Lyons please use both your physical address and PO Box (if you have one) on the form.


11/28 – Saturday – The United States passed 13 million confirmed coronavirus cases Friday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. The COVID-19 pandemic has killed more than 260,000 Americans so far, and public health experts expect deaths to continue rising in the winter as hospitals across the country reach capacity. The United States hit nine million cases on Oct. 30 and went on to gain nearly four million cases in November, its worst month on record.

SHORTAGE OF STAFF: Many hospitals are 70 to 80 percent capacity in most states, including Colorado. Even though we now have been creative in developing “off site hospital rooms,” there is now also a shortage of nurses and doctors. Many have come down with the virus, many are still suffering the long-term effects, many are feeling covid-fatique, their number of suicides has gone up, and some have died from the virus. The best gift you can give them is to wear your mask whenever outside your house.

NEW QUARANTINE RULES 12/3/20: The days you must stay home has been reduced from 14 to 7-to-10 days, due to the latest findings. Quarantine for 7 days /or/ for 10 days if you don’t get tested and have no symptoms.

========BUSINESS NEWS:=======

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Lyons Businesses! – Check out this year’s version of the Holiday Card from businesses to residents – very fun old-time Victorian post cards!

You can also check out the article in last week’s edition that lists special Holiday gift items and discounts that storefronts in Lyons are offering. It’s a very fun list!

Redstone Cyclery – owner Dave Chase said, “We’ve moved, so stop by our new location when you come thru. 454 Main St right across from Stone Cup.” Note, the address is Main Street, but the entrance is on High Street. Due to the isolation of people during the pandemic, many have sought release in our beautiful trails and mountains, and bikes have been hot sellers. The store has a big assortment of gifts for bike lovers, including shirts, gloves, and more. We buy a biking shirt there every Christmas for my step-son in Tennessee. And he loves the Lyons connection!

Red Checkered Tablecloth – new food truck, which will be at three locations around town, starting at the Stone Cup – locally owned by Ian Taylor – “I have been working on a business start up for months. I spent the summer doing research on how I could purchase and create a food truck to serve northeast style Italian comfort food, like I grew up with, to the people here in my Colorado community. …I’ve been working around the clock …it’s finally official as of today! …I named it, “The Red Checkered Tablecloth.” The truck is currently getting wrapped with a professional vinyl design.=== Dishes like Homemade Pasta and Meatballs, Manicotti Florentine, Caprese Paninis on Rosemary Sea Salt Foccacia, Caesar Salads, Tiramisu, and Cannolis. (Opened to the public December 2)

The Lyons Den Restaurant & Tap House had its liquor license suspended last week due to breaking the state health rules. It was reported by the Sheriff’s office to the Town that on three consecutive days no one was seen wearing a mask and the management said it had no intention of enforcing the health rules. Sergeant Bill Crist, Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, wrote a memo to the Town of Lyons stating that the Lyons Den lost their fight in court last week over all the noise issues that have occurred, and that the judge order the Lyons Den to “comply with the up-coming public health orders that were going to be instituted the next day.” The Sheriff stated that Boulder County Sheriff’s Offices takes COVID-19 serious and “it is critical that we do everything in our power to stop the spread of the virus.”

There will be a special public meeting (via Zoom) on December 7 at 7 p.m.:  The Local Licensing Authority of the Town of Lyons will discuss the suspension of the (1) liquor license; and the Town of Lyons Board of Trustees will discuss the suspension of the (2) business license of Lyons Den. “At said time and place, any interested person may appear to be heard for or against the license. By Order of the Local Licensing Authority.” Written comments may be filed with the Town Clerk at or drop them at Town Hall, 432 5th Ave, Lyons, CO.


ALL THREE FIRES surrounding Lyons are now 100 percent contained, as of today, December 2, 2020. The Cameron Peak, 208,913 acres, East Troublesome, 193,812 acres, and Calwood, 10,106 acres, fires. (Grizzly Creek was previously contained, 32,431 acres.) We appreciate the hard work of the firefighters and first responders working to contain this season’s wildfires. We had three of the biggest fires in Colorado’s history burning this year (including the Pine Gulch fire, 139,007 acres).

FREE RIDES for those in need: The zTrip Voucher Program will continue into the new year with expanded hours.  In 2021, the vouchers will be good every day of the week from 5 a.m. – 7 p.m.  For those of you who need help with transportation, this taxi program is a great and FREE resource.  Please email me if you would like more information or are in need of vouchers.

BELL OF RENEWAL:  there are reports that some people are climbing on this sculpture, and some are banging it with great force. Please be sure to talk to your children about respecting works of art. Thanks.

LYONS CHOIR PROGRAM – FUNDRAISER – Order pies from St. Vrain Market (incl. a gluten free crust option). Order by December 8 at All pies are $25. Pick up at St. Vrain Market between December 16 and 19. Includes chicken pot pie, pumpkin, apple, blueberry, and cherry. All freshly made in town! Freeze them for the holidays.

SCHOOL BAND Fundraiser FLOWER PICKUP == The poinsettias were delivered to people at the school December 2. If you ordered items with fresh flowers (bouquets, centerpieces, table runners), you’ll be contacted by the flower shop.

(COVID) AIDE FOR COLORADANS: Gov. Jared Polis announced on Wednesday that his calling back the legislators to distribute funds to temporarily help people, while they await the federal government aid, has paid off. He said that the General Assembly of Colorado has passed with a bipartisan vote (and comradery) to give Coloradans much needed boost to child care helpers/programs ($45 million), increase access to critical funds for food pantries, helping with rental assistance, expanding Broadband for school remote learning access ($20 million), and creating a life-line for small businesses and restaurants (both in running their restaurants and in tax relief). It was added during the session that restaurants/small businesses must comply with the health regulations in order to qualify for the aid; because some felt that if you are open (illegally), then you don’t need financial help. Unemployed will get a $375 deposit into their account. Per Gov. Polis, We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, please wear your mask. We cant let up, protect and support one another. Our great state got this done under unprecedented circumstances… Now we await Congress in Washington, D.C. to help its constituents in these dire times.


In case you missed these essential articles from last week:

====COVID-19 SECOND WAVE – information and links for timely individual research; answers to common questions. (gathered from 100s of CDC, FDA and CO health material)

====SHOP LOCAL – list of items being offered by local businesses for Holiday gift giving

====DENVER CHRISTMAS, DAY TRIP – Information and links to some fabulous Light Displays and activities in the Denver area in December.

==ABOUT TOWN by LaVern Johnson: Quick bites of news on every subject you can think of in town, including Town meetings, and birthdays.

==FLASH NEWS: Items are in order by date – deadlines to enroll, apply, get your Christmas tree, closings, classes, donations, and more.

==NOTES FROM YOUR EDITOR: yup, that’s me! Newsy news about life in Lyons, and more.

==Lyons Firefighters were given a “thank you donation” of liquor and beers…

==School News – Miscellaneous news about in-school changes, as well as opportunities for parents and students to check out new things

==Birds in Winter – did you always wonder where birds slept during our freezing winters?

==Authors Who Saved Lyons History – Hear about Frank Weaver who spent 20 years of his life gathering boxes full of Lyons history, and four other devoted historians in town.

==A Victorian Christmas — check out the annual “Christmas Greeting to Lyons‘ Town People, from its Local Businesses”! (adorable)


Holiday Giving Trees are ready! Here’s your chance to give a hoped-for holiday gift to someone who is struggling this year. Visit Uniquely Lyons, The Stone Cup, Barking Dog Cafe to pick up a gift request ornament. Or, visit our website and choose a virtual ornament!

Each year, our community joins together to ensure everyone receives a holiday gift. 2020 has been a very difficult year for so many; the number of hoped-for gifts is bigger than ever this year. 

WHEN: Now through Wednesday, December 16

WHERE: Choose a virtual ornament right here! Or, pick an anonymous ornament from a giving tree located at the Stone Cup (weekends only) or the Barking Dog (before 1pm) or Uniquely Lyons.

WHAT TO DO: Shop for and purchase the gift ($40 maximum) that is listed on the ornament you chose. Wrap and deliver the gift you purchased–with the ornament attached–to Pizza Bar 66 at 430 Main Street during their normal business hours. The deadline for gift drop off is Wednesday, December 16th at 5pm.

Please see our article in last week’s edition about “help” that is offered by  Lyons Emergency & Assistance Fund – including a special Food Bank for the Holidays on December 16.

Stay well, and stay informed! Keep reading the Lyons Recorder!
See you next week! Kathleen Spring, Your Editor

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