Long-awaited debut CD by Daniel Rodriguez

"Sojourn of a burning sun" album

I have been waiting for this debut full-length CD from former Elephant Revival band founder Daniel Rodriguez since he played for us in Lyons at last year’s Sandstone Summer concert series with a few of his friends. It was well worth the wait. Daniel is an incredible singer/songwriter. His soothing voice and very credible acoustic guitar playing jump off this CD. My ears are so happy I can’t stop listening. Producer Darren Garvey and Daniel have put together a fabulous group of local musicians to back up this heartfelt work.  

Daniel’s songs are full of greats ideas, of continuing and letting go, wonderful riffs that will reverberate with you and thoughts you didn’t know you had. My apologies to so many others, but in my humble opinion “Sojourn of a Burning Sun” is the best singer/songwriter recording to come from Lyons in a long time.

Daniel Rodriguez, singer/songwriter (left) and Darren Garvey, his record producer, are both from Lyons, CO (photo courtesy of Rodriguez)

Each song is a gem and it becomes difficult to pick a favorite as each song outdoes the last one; I dare you to pick your favorite; I sure cannot. Some of the words I cannot get out of my head are:

“All the should’ves  could’ves , what can we do now. Just take me as I am.”

“Where’s my redemption here?  Just the sky so clear. Maybe a shooting star if I’m lucky, if I’m lucky maybe somewhere you’re looking up there.”

“How you thought that you were broken, then something tears you open, and it’s too late to close your ears, and its too late to hide your tears.”

“In the warmth of the Mother’s womb, the web of what’s to come. Soon the days when the flowers bloom, Oh the Sojourn of a burning sun.”

“Brother John, he got a hard shell, but that music moves him so. He’s got the armor of a warrior, a soldier wounded long ago, but I’ve seen as those tears fall, when that music is sweet and low.”

“The Gates have opened the walls have all burned down and inside the ashes my feet dance around”
“Now babe in a world of broken hearts, in a world of broken dreams. Why break anymore?”

“I’m out here in the unknown, unsure of the things that have been shown, throwing it all to the wind. I’m questioning everything. Oh, how the bird has flown, looking for another tree. Singing a brand-new song and it’s got nothing to do with me.”

Daniel discusses love and loss, hopes and dreams ups and downs and all of life’s challenges with a comforting voice and beautiful music behind him. This is a recording that every true fan of reflective folk music should have in their collection. There is an abundance of incredible local musicians contributing to this work complete with horn and string arrangements that fit so well with Daniel’s songs. You can get the CD or vinyl on Amazon or CD on i-tunes.

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