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Issue #29, September 10, 2020

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Another week gone by.  90 degrees yesterday and now freezing.  We hope you covered your garden stuff, especially your tomatoes.

WELCOME TO EDITOR, KATHLEEN SPRING, who has conceded to be Editor of lyonsrecorder.org; She is looking for writers, business operations, etc.  Write her at LyonsRecorder.Editor@gmail.com. 

Kathleen used to come to Colorado in the summers from Michigan, and finally sold her place and moved here in 1998.  She soon stepped in to volunteer, and a “little weak voice” called and told us she wanted to volunteer.  Soon she took over the Lyons History Video Project; has videotaped 70 pioneer videos; and is to print a book. She used to work at the Museum on weekends. Her daughter, Anya, moved out here to be with her, but passed away two years ago (a hard blow to Kathleen)  She volunteers for the Senior citizens, writes their quarterly newsletter, makes various displays, helps save history items about the Lyons area, and now has conceded to be Editor. Thank You, Kathleen!  

=====THE 2013 FLOOD===== 
This is one event in our lives we cannot or don’t want to forget–it haunts us.  It caused $70,000,000 in damage, and after 7 years there is still restoration to do not done yet-2nd Avenue Bridge and Bohn Park,  The death of our longtime teacher and coach, Gerald Boland, and more!!  

This weekend Sept. 11-18th is the 7th Anniversary of the  2013 flood. That Monday to Wednesday, it kept raining, and raining..soon people were being evacuated to the church and Elementary Gym.  The firemen and policemen went around with a fog horn telling people to head for higher ground. 

Gerald and Cheron Boland. whose home was up the North St. Vrain,  left in two cars and were going to their daughter Holli’s  in Hygiene, but the road was blocked with water; Sharon stayed in her car by the Outlaw Saloon, and Gerald came up to the Gym, and stood by the door watching for Cheron. He disappeared and went home to see if she was there when he got caught in the flood water when he went to the outbuilding for his life preserver. He and his red truck were found down the way two days later…A very sad thing.  

Both trailer courts were flooded and  the Confluence area; where at least half of the houses were flooded;  those with over 50% damage were buyouts (where FEMA paid them the value of their house, which was torn down and is now a vacant lot only to be used for garden, orchard, playground, or trail.) The Ray Thomas house was destroyed; Geneva heard the fog horn and got up with water up to her knees-they drove up North and stayed up there all night   People were in the gym for several days but were finally taken to the LifeBridge Church. 

School for all 12 grades was held in the old Longmont High School…the Elementary School on the first floor and M\Sr High on the second floor. The Town board held their meetings at the Longmont Municipal Court.  Although we tried to stay home, there was no electricity or water and soon everyone had to find someplace else to live for 2 months or more.  The police monitored if we were residents before we could go in;  Each house was stripped down to the 2×4’s with their furniture and items piled outside for pickup.

The town Hall was filled with water and Jacque Watson and Victoria Simonsen rescued the computers and files; Mayor Julie VanDomenlen was in Nigeria working for World Bank when she saw about it on TV  The Parks were all destroyed, They said it would take 7 years to fix, and true it is seven years

200 people to leave town, and very few of them have been able to return.  The Thomas family bought a new home n Mead.  The town lost 70 homes, 2 trailer courts of 40 & 16 units, $200,000 of sales tax a year; Repairs were paid for by FEMA.  If the owners had flood insurance, that helped; others were bought out by FEMA as they had no insurance thus no money to repair them. A vote for 60 affordable units on Bohn Park was defeated; the School Board turned down building 70 units on their ballfields; The infrastructure had to be replaced; They built McConnell Bridge, and now have land to the SE for 47 units of affordable units that they hope will materialize.

Yes, it was a tragic flood; more tragic at the loss of our long-time coach and teacher, Gerald Boland.  Cheron Boland is at Hover Homes.  Many flood meetings were held, John O*Brien, then Mayor  had us celebrate every week or two for our small gains.  

What now, after 7 years:  Most infrastructure is in; we have a new wastewater plant; replacement to the 2nd street bridge is ready to begin; Meadow Park (Meadow Park-LaVern M. Johnson Park)-received $1 million plus in Go-Colorado money; and is now a supreme park bringing in too many visitors.  Due to such heavy impact, the park is closed to drive-in visitors; Bohn Park ballfields are about to open, as well as the Skate Park and the Bike Park; it has a new restroom facility; A new bridge is planned to go across the river at 3rd Avenue to the Confluence area.  They are trying to get funding to replace a footbridge at 3rd and Evans to the Confluence area. The St. Vrain River Park and ponds are about finished. The St. Vrain Rivers have been dug deeper with huge pieces of Lyons sandstone along the sides in case of another flood.  Well, here we are just days away from the 7th Anniversary, praying for rain..But not TOO MUCH!!

This is one event in our lives we cannot forget..$70,000,000 in damage, and not done yet; Send me your Flood Story;; there are hundreds of stories as to how most of the Lyons Community were saved.  send to lavern921@aol.com,     ……………………………………………………….. ………………………………………………………….
LABOR DAY was enjoyed by all..a beautiful day, probably the last drive or picnic to be held this fall..A time to thank all first responders, teachers, police, firemen, your parents, family, and friends for helping us thru the past year.

JOIN US AT FRONT RANGE WATERSHED DAYS! BIOBLITZ. Part-community engagement event and part-scientific endeavor, this event will generate region-scale scientific data about the health and recovery of our watersheds that include biological and physical measurements using a bio-blitz approach. Participants will have the opportunity to collect meaningful data, meet river scientists, learn about data collection methods used to understand watershed health, and take a mini watershed tour. A Celebration of Watershed Health, Science, and Community www.watershed.center (303)746-7937 jolson@watershed.center FRONT RANGE WATERSHED DAYS Saturday, SEPTEMBER 12th BIO BLITZ 9:00-2:30 at the Left Hand Park. (sign up required, lunch included)

CoVid – Boulder County had 20 new cases on Tuesday, bringing total to 2502; 198 have been hospitalized and 944 have recovered, with death toll still 79; 856 cases in Boulder, 765 in Longmont, 212 in Lafayette, 136 – in Louisville, 40 in Superior, 37 in Erie, six in Lyons, 171 in unincorporated. New cases had fallen the last four weeks; in the state has been 59,674 positive cases since March, 6845 hospitalized; 1868 deaths. In Boulder county it had gone down, but is up again with 65 cases Sunday; 103 at CU positive tests, There were 5 less cases today than Sunday; We still need to wear masks, stay 6 feet apart, stay home, if possible. The breakdown of ages is: 57 cases 0-9; 335 cases 10-19; 814 cases 20-29; 106 for 80 years and above. Lyons is doing well; still 6 cases reported in Lyons;  Everyone is to wear a mask and stay 6 feet away from others. Statewide there have been 57,777 positive cases; with 1953 deaths, 7161 hospitalized.

+++CONTINUING WARNINGS+++VANDALS: We ask all to keep an “eye” for people walking to the Botanic Garden and parks at night.. Call the Sheriff. 303 441 4111.  Also, someone broke the locks on the gate and the pickup and stole hundreds of dollars of tools and supplies from Jared McCain!!

HOWL EVERY NIGHT AT 8 p.m. against the Virus..More people are howling–not that it does any good, but it makes us feel better; gets the clogged air out of our lungs, HOWL AGAINST THE VIRUS: In my area, we have the neighbors and kids also Howling. MASKS $10.00 – Donna Jo Dees Smith on Facebook.

However an e-mail from “teenytinytoes93”, states:  “The ‘Howl” Community event has ended.  We appreciate all who participated over the last months. Thanks to all”  I do not remember how the Howl started here in Lyons.  All others town throughout the nation have been howling in protest of the Virus.  It started out for one night a week; then evolved to every night at 8pm. Do we need permission from someone or do we Just go out and Howl at 8pm?  Be interesting to know.  What do you know about this?  I am going to howl unless it is too stormy outside..we have to protest this Virus someway!

BEWARE, BEARS are still around; some with their clubs; sleeping in a ditch; running thru your yards and alleys. Also down in the Confluence..Keep an eye out; They will usually go away if not bothered. One-Way Trash has a Bear Dumpster for $70.00; and Western will lend you one; everyone needs one! Also a Mountain Lion killed Ruth Wilson’s pet cat this past week

======MUSEUM NEWS+++THE LYONS REDSTONE MUSEUM has conceded that it is unsafe for the Museum to open this season, and it is still open virtually (not safe to open with 4-65 virus spikes a day) and is making research, scrapbooks, displays, scanning, and Past Perfect, long-needed-to-do jobs; awaiting until people will feel safe. Thanks to the Museum team who has a Virtual tour of 40 Artifacts – go to www.LyonsRedstoneMuseum.com. Also click on to the Lyons Historic District On-line Tour to CLIO -A map attached will guide your drive-by tour with the History of the 15 sandstone buildings that are designated as a Historic District, now on-line.  
You will love the extensive Lyons Cemetery virtual tour, where you can drive around to find the tombstone with history on-line. (Over 60 attended last year’s Cemetery tour..this year it is being brought to you on-line==The Museum’s newest virtual exhibit: https://virmuze.com/m/lyons-redstone-museum/x/stories-from-the-lyons-cemetery/, in our in our social media presence and website and will be sending information in our annual brochure, Redstone Review, as well as to Town Hall, ANFRM, and Boulder Heritage Roundtable. 
Also a brochure and on-line of Sally Colt’s wedding dress is pending.= wife of W. A. Colt, who built the Trail Ridge Road, Highway to Estes Park, Foothills Highway; the dam near Colorado Springs, and etc. He had a son Jim Colt Lyons High School Class of 1940 , whose son was killed in WWII, and a daughter, Mary Filley.

FUNDS ARE NEEDED. Thanks to those who have sent funds for the Museum Operations, having to be closed due to the virus; with no sales, but ongoing expenses of utilities and supplies.-amounting to around $10,000 a year, $6500 for Utilities, $1500-for Ins. $3500 for office and other .expenses. Donations are needed, Send to Lyons Historical society, PO Box 9, Lyons, Colorado, 80540 (Tax Deductible)

The LYONS HISTORIC COMMISSION had their second meeting Wednesday, Sept. 9th (now the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 5:30 pm  on Zoom. More Commission members are needed. Two to four more commission members: Present members Rachael Nelson, Pres; Priscilla Cohan-Vice President, and Mike Donohoe; with Yani Jones (Town Historic Preservationist & secretary), Paul Glasgow (Community Development Director), and Hollie Rogin (Board Representative). The group went over the Historic Commission’s rules by History Colorado, and discussed a Brochure for a walking Tour of the historic downtown; and will look into the designation of historic buildings and sections of town.
****Four more commission members are being solicited. contact RJones@townoflyons.com**** Help preserve our town’s history; the historic buildings and more!


==TO LYONS MUSICIANS: (We love your music,brightens our day) .-Thanks to Joe Kuckla and his band for going around the streets playing music for the Lyons residents, Arthur Lee Land for the video and and all others for the music.  Much appreciated.
==SNAKES \MICE – Call Donna 303 618 0357 Will come get them. People are being overwhelmed with Mice. There is a good mouse poison at Clark’s Hardware. Thanks to Matt Hughey for his class on….Rattlesnakes, much appreciated by dog owners.
1-4PM-SANDSTONE PARK We will be demonstrating again this weekend.If you need to register to vote, please see Max at the table by the stage. She is registered with the Secretary of State as an individual to host voter registration drives. We honor your input; if you have any concerns or topics to educate the public you would like to share, please send Max Jacobs a Facebook message so I can address them. We plan to have the opportunity for the community to speak. If you are interested in doing so, please message Max with your topic, so she can add you to the speaking list.While people march, we invite those of you who may be unable to march to stay with us at Sandstone Park, and wave your signs proudly at passersby.Select comment
==LYONS COMMUNITY FOUNDATION  Grant Applications Due This Friday, Sept. 11th to lcf@lcf.org. (We pay tribute to the Lyons Community foundation, who have raised and given thousands of dollars for Community events and improvements.  $1 million was raised for flood victims, and More.  Send your donations to Lyons Community Foundation, Box 546, Lyons, Co. 80540
==Z TRIP VOUCHER PROGRAM- To help those “in need” of transportation, between Lyons and Boulder or Lyons and Longmont, Vouchers are valid Monday to Friday, from 5am to 7pm. contact Lisa at 303 823 6622 x30 Register at lramsey@townoflyons.com
==WANTED INFORMATION from those who remember the Caboose located on the empty lot on Main Street.; Who put it there What was it used for, how long was it there, etc. etc. Thank you. send to lavern921@aol.com 303 823 5925.
==Rocky Mt Botanic Gardens uses volunteers on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays, 9-11 am. Goes to 10-12 in cooler weather. Contact Garmina for more information or donations garimafairfax@gmail.com
==The Weed Posse needs volunteers, to work at different locations each Thursday, from 9-11 am. Goes to 10-12 in cooler weather. Contact CathyRivers to find out where they will be each week. harmonize@colorworks7.com.

LYONS SALON & BARBER – 970 744 2111
LYONS REGIONAL LIBRARY (TAKE OUT) Mons & Thurs 10AM-4:00pm; Tues\Wed 12-6:00pm; Sat. 9:00-12:00, 303 823 5165 Call for appointment to come in.
YOGA – Saturdays – 9am – yoga online
WESTERN STARS open 10am-6pm, Mons Thursday, 303 747 3828;
A-LODGE-FORMERLY ASPEN LEAF MOTEL – Open for business.  A discount is given to local residents who bring their family and friends 

=======TOWN OF LYONS=======
THE LYONS PARKS & RECREATION COMMISSION will hold their monthly meeting on Monday, Sept. 14th at 6pm, on Zoom. with update on flood recovery projects (parks).Trails, Pick up, etc.

The TOWN OF LYONS held their meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 8th. on Zoom at 7:00p.m,  A Liquor license was approved for Asa Firestone, new owner of the Aspen Leaf motel, who plans a bar, picnic and game area, and an outdoor movie.  They passed a renewal license to The Lyons Den, who has many discrepancies and noise calls (They were given a Second Chance and have six months to pay their Taxes. abate the noise, etc.); The board supported an ADU but are as checking on another ADU as well as allowing living fulltime in an Rv, Renewed the lease for Z4N KKC (cable company) for the lease on the hill on Seward that their cable equipment is on;  Passed on first reading Ordinance 1088 concerning vehicle impoundment, parking, and abandoned vehicle and property.  Approved the 2nd Avenue Bridge Replacement with Construction Agreement with Zak Dirt/Construction, Inc.; Signed a agreement with Asphalt Specialties for Roadway Repairs – Flood Recovery;  and with Walsh Construction Inc for Bohn Park Phase II,  and an agreement with Interwest Consulting Group for Program Management Services for Flood Recovery Construction.  Agreed to alley and retaining wall repairs at 727 Stickney and 107 5th venue.  They will hold a work session on the town’s current Noise Ordinance. and more. 
The next meeting is Monday, Sept. 21st, at 7pm.

TOWN PARKS: All Lyons Parks are closed to picnickers and groups; Camping, RVs, the trail system and access the river, but gatherings, picnicking, pop-ups, and congregating along the river is not permitted with the exception of shelter and camping. Playgrounds remain open to 10 people at a time== go www.townoflyons.com/shelters . The staff is researching if they can charge for an entry fee for walk-ins since they have received Federal funding in grants;

TOWN PROJECTS: The 2nd Avenue Bridge Project is to begin in September-Replacement with pending bids=== St. Vrain Creek Streambank Stabilized; High Street Storm Water Drainage improvement

========SENIOR RECREATION=======
MONDAYS:  Lunch by River Church, pick up at Senior Center from 5-6pm.  Our Thanks to all.
Wednesdays,  8:30am, SENIORS meet at WS for a walk to a local park, and exercises and stretching;
Thursday, Sept. 10th – It’s VJ Day for WWII, thank a veteran for serving for us.
Wednesdays and Fridays, Sept 11th, Seniors stop by Walt Self to pick up your reserved Lyons Bistro lunch; call 303 441 1415 the day ahead; $3.00 charge 
Saturday, Sept 12th-Take a day off.
Sunday, Sept 13 – Try some meditation
PROGRAMS AVAILABLE – Register with lramsey@townoflyons.com for:
Kayak Rental Program, Spray Skirt Rentals; Walkers Exercises Group for Seniors; Fitness in the Park; Plein Air Painting (for seniors 60+); Women’s Mountain Biking Fall Class; Ultimate X Circuit Training, Kids” Zumbo in the Park; Kids’ Mountain Biking; Meditation Basics Workshop
=====The LIONS BOOSTER CLUB is restarting their  BINGO sessions every Sunday at Bingo Alley in Longmont, from 1-3pm, and need everyone to pitch in. Due to state COVID-19 restrictions we are only allowed to have 100 people in the Bingo Hall at one time (including workers and volunteers). This means we are running lean and need every spot filled, every week. If we do not have all the spots filled by Friday night (each week), we will have to cancel that week’s session. And if we cannot keep our sessions running, we will lose this HUGE source of money for all the school programs at Lyons Middle/Senior High. So PLEASE click this link to sign up TODAY! ===Lions Signup Sheet. If all the spots are filled, please sign up for a spot the next week or even later. URGENT! We have an immediate need for Bankers, Bookkeepers and especially Session Leads!! Without these vital spots filled, we CANNOT run our sessions. Please contact me if you can help with one of these spots! The money we raise is used by ALL academics, bands, sports and groups for all Middle and High School students at Lyons Middle/Senior High School. We also support our teachers in many ways, including classroom supplies and meals during Parent Teacher conferences. (The Lions Booster Club as been raising around $80,000 a year for various MS\SR High School amentities, much needed. By.Brian Brookes, V.P. Bingo Operations, Lyons Lions Booster Club,Email: tigeryell99@gmail.com. Cell/Text: 303-907-5048 PS: we have a REMIND account created. You can sign up here if you are interested: REMIND Lions Bingo

=================SCHOOL NEWS==========
Send me any special school news activities! lavern921@aol.com
SCHOOLS: All seems to be going o.k. with the school on virtual..each student received a pac, which included a document on-line to each teacher’s class to learn about that specific course.  I-PAD Insurance can be purchased.  
SPORTS: Several fall school sports have been delayed to March with State Playoffs in May-football, soccer, girls volleyball.
Cross country with Mark Roberts, instructor, started August 10th and Softball with new coach Julie Vasquez started August 12 Games are: At home Aug. 27th – Eaton lost to Lyons-7-0; and Lyons lost to University (10-7) last week; with a game at Strasburg this Thursday. The home game postponed due to the storm will be held 4pm this Friday vs Brush. (wear mask; bring own chairs-bleachers are closed; limit 175 people; Softball brings Hannah Schweiger and Sophomore Brooklyn Enny returnees; alongside pitchers Gylian Hay and Shantel Koester. Lyons has a solid core to be a tough team in 2020. ****

Basketball, Spirit and Wrestling are scheduled to start January 4th; Football – Feb. 22; Volleyball-March 1st; and Baseball and Track-April 26th.

Office hours of M\Sr High is 8:00a.m. to 3:00 pm.Phone 303 823 6631; Attendance (x45608) Registrar-(x45609) Meals are $3.50 from 11:00-12:30; Breakfast-$1.50 ATTENDANCE:   Call Angela Rittenhouse, Attendance Clerk, 720 494 3844, if you will miss school.

TECH ISSUES – call 303 823 6311 if you need Tech Help information; 
St. Vrain Valley, Boulder Valley, and Adams County schools are furnishing a free meal to all children under 18 years of age.  Also see the Lyons Recorder article on the Gov. Polis announcements about $10 wi-fi for all low-income students
In the St. Vrain Valley, A curbside school breakfast and lunch meal distribution is offered from 11a.m. to 12:30 pm. Monday thru Friday; (Pickup is at the Md\Sr High from 9 to 12pm, or 4 to 6 pm 

WEEKLY NEWSLETTERS: if you are interested in knowing what is going on at our schools? The “opening” rules, or “lunch” plans, or SPORTS!!! ===you can see the precautions taken /and/ the list of the WEEKLY!! newsletters on this page: (sign up and get it in your email box weekly!)

THE LYONS GIRLS SOFTBALL TEAM IS PLAYING REGULARLY. They won over Eaton 7-0 last Thursday, but lost to University 10-7 on Tuesday.
Home games scheduled at 4:00 pm are: Tuesday, 9\8\20-vs Brush;(postponed until this Friday art 4pm due to the story; Thursday 10\20-Lyons at Strasburg; 9\20\20-Lyons vs Resurrection Christian; and
10-1-20-Friday, vs Valley – Senior Recognition. (Take your own chair; mask; social distance-You cannot sit on the bleachers. Maximum capacity-175 people.
The Team members are: Brooklyn Enny-So-#1, Samy Koester-Fr-#2, Berkley Andrist-Jr-#3, Shantel Koester-Sr-#4.
Marcella Mitchell-Fr-#5, Emerson Maldari-Fr-#6, Maeve Moran-Vanderhoeven-Jr-#7, Avery Joy-Sr-#8.Raeana Ortiz-So-#9, Hannah Schweiger-Sr-#10, Jaz Enny-Sr-#11, Cora Hicks-Fr-#12, Gyli Hay-Jr-#13
CROSS COUNTRY — MS school Meet was held last Tuesday at Silver Creek
with Cross County held AT LYONS: last FRIDAY, 9\4\20- 6:00PM-Varsity Boys and 7:00pm-Varsity girls.===There wiere no spectators allowed on school property at the cross country meets due to the spectator limit.
Cross country meets hosted at Lyons will be live streamed, if possible. the Link will be posted.

CONSTRUCTION FOR THE LONG AWAITED FOR MS\SR HIGH AUDITORIUM is about to begin. Thru the years, it seemed all High Schools had an auditorium except Lyons, a school bond that include same was finally included in the 2016 bond Issue. Good News!!

IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENTS – Parents are to upgrade the Immunizations of their students. go to Richelle Brown, Health Clerk 303 823 6631.

===================END OF SCHOOL NEWS==============

HAPPENINGS:  New Company-Ian & Harrah Bors from New Jersey; 
GOOD NEWS:  Patricia Applefella has received her Master of Agriculture Degree;; Justin Russell and Zach Roberts have been traving in Europe the past year 
ANNIVERSARY: CONGRATULATIONS:  Second Anniversary of Bella LaCreme restaurant; Dana  &___Borie-13th anniversary; Darrell and Theresia (Richmond) Hesselius-32 years; Leister & McKinsey Bowling, Cindy Day & Pete Moffitt-40th year; 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Rick Gomer, Renae Gearhart, Janell Murphy Fisher, Kathleen Crane, Al Pace, Kathy Schupp, Skip Schilling, Gwen Owens, Dan Gosnell, Donna Cole, Annie Sprotnick, Chad Smith, Katie Moore, Sandy Cottrell (dec’d), One-year Birthday of Jalen by Wm. Boone, 
THIS IS SQUARE DANCE MONTH – Time to do-si-do; swing your partner, four ladies chain, etc. (However, due to social distancing square dancing is enpass until they get a vaccine.)  A virtual Proclamation Square Dance was held at the State Capitol Wednesday afternoon, with Mike Oliveria and Bear Miller, as callers…Over 50 dancers were on Zoom dancing in their kitchens or patios.  Square dancing was chosen as the State Dance in 1982.

THE LYONS CHRISTMAS BAZAAR scheduled for Sat and Sunday, Dec. 5th & 6th is under review as to : Whether to have it; cut the number of vendors cut the crowd; have it outdoors; have it under a heated tent; weighing if people will come… send your thoughts to lramsey@townoflyons.com

the Botanic Garden = Due to the Virus they were unable to have their annual plant sale. Send donations to Box 613, Lyons, Co. 80540.

THANKS TO the Lyons Parks and Recreation who picked up broken tree branches in the parks after the snow storm.

My JULY & AUGUST column have been posted on Lyons Facebook page “About Town by LaVern Johnson”. We will try – In the coming weeks – to post the columns here; but, if you wish to see them in the meantime go take a look. Thanks to Kathleen Spring for setting up the Facebook page for me! 
This is an unedited social news column by LaVern Johnson, who has been doing this since 1983. You can submit corrections to the LyonsRecorder.Editor@gmail.com or directly to LaVern at lavern921@aol.com

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Community columnist for the Lyons Recorder. My philosophy is that if you want it, you gotta do it and take who’ll help you.

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