Don’t pray for rain! 2013 Flood News

7 year anniversary of 2013 Flood - Updates

pathway near Bohn Park and McConnell Bridge 2020
Bohn Park pathways (Photo by Kathleen Spring)

This weekend is the seven year anniversary of the Great 500 Year Flood of 2013. In 2013, after one of the hottest, driest summers in our history, people prayed for rain. That fall, the rains fell hard and did not stop for days, causing millions of dollars in damage. Despite record high temperatures, drought, and forest fires, don’t pray for rain in 2020!

With the year 2020 filled with stress and sadness due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the rough and tumble elections, protests on the streets, and the ominous forest fires and drought, we would like to focus on the great progress that has been taking place on the post-flood reconstruction, building and repairs being done by the Town of Lyons.

The completion of LaVern M Johnson Park received abundant accolades a few years back, and Bohn Park is just about ready to be opened. Take a sneak peek at the ball fields and new skate park which area is now green and lush and has many new young trees. The nearby ponds are also progressing according to plans. And, much work has been done on the road infrastructure, including sewers. The affordable housing (Summit project) is successfully proceeding. And the two bridge constructions are on their way. An incentive to get projects done is that there is money that needs to be spent by the end of this year.

I will give a full detailed report next week, based on conversations with Town Administrator Victoria Simonsen.

For a quick view of what has been done, is currently being worked on, and will soon be done, here is a recent compilation list prepared by the Town of Lyons (details to come next week):

Post Flood Projects
Public Works Facilities
Public Works operations and storage buildings, located in the eastern corridor
–Complete, April 2020
Bohn Park Phase II
Skatepark, ballparks, shelter, and trails
–Construction Fall 2020
Lyons Valley River Park Construction of ponds, trails, irrigation, and landscaping —Complete
Affordable Housing Development:
An addition of up to 40 affordable housing units, located in the Lyons Valley Park subdivision
–Design/Permitting 2021
2nd Avenue Bridge
A free-span bridge, to mitigate flood impacts
–Design=Fall 2020
3rd Avenue/Park Street Pedestrian Bridge
Tentatively planning for a pedestrian bridge at 3rd Ave. and Park St.
Apple Valley Waterline Relocating potable waterline from stream to more resilient location under Apple Valley Road
Eastern Corridor Utilities
To bring water and utilities to the Eastern Corridor, which includes new lift station; new force main; and three pressure reducing waterline connections.
–Complete, spring 2020
Roadway Repair & Paving
Roadway replacement and curb, gutter, and stormwater drainage improvements (streets around post office)
–Underway Summer 2020
St. Vrain Trail Extension

Lyons Bohn Ponds
Ponds near Bohn Park and McConnell Bridge, summer 2020
(Photo by Kathleen Spring)

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