Town of Lyons Boards and Commissions Guide

What your commissions and boards do--and how to join them (Vacancies updated 9/1/20)

In order to help the public understand better what each Commission and Board does, I have guided the Chairs into writing these reports in “everyday language” — and not just quote from the “regulations” established by the Town. I also asked them to state what were their main or proudest accomplishments in the past, and what their future goals are. I will periodically update which ones have vacancies, but you can always go to the Town’s web site for more information…. by, Kathleen Spring

This is a guide to the town’s boards and commissions. Board and commission members study the needs of the town government and its people, and present their recommendations to the Board of Trustees for use in making decisions. Those decisions include changing ordinances, creating sales taxes, adjusting utility charges, and more.

Consider becoming a volunteer member of one of these boards or commissions. In most cases, half of the members live in town, and half live outside of town. All have a strong interest in making Lyons a great town to be a part of.

Joining a board or commission is an excellent way to become involved and help shape the decisions made in your community. You can either contact the Chair for more information -or- you can just apply online for an advisory board or commission position, complete the online application. Your application will be sent to the mayor, who will follow up with you directly.
Contact the Chair if you have concerns or questions and ask for more clarification on how its goals meet your goals –or ask them how you can attend their meetings as an observer.

Click through below to learn what each board and commission does, their accomplishments, and their goals.
These reports are prepared by the Chairs.

Go to the Town of Lyons’ Commissions and Boards page to view agendas and minutes.

Board of Adjustments
Ecology Advisory Board
Economic Vitality Commission
Historic Preservation Commission
Housing & Human Services Commission
Library District Board
Arts & Humanities Commission
Parks & Recreation Commission
Planning & Community Development Commission
Student Advisory Commission
Sustainable Futures Commission
Utilities & Engineering Board

Boards and commissions open seats (as of September 1, 2020)
(NOTE: *NEW* Citizen Budget Advisory Committee)
Audit Committee – 0 vacancy
Board of Adjustments – 2 vacancies
Citizen Budget Advisory Committee – 5 vacancies
Ecology Advisory Board – 0 vacancy
Economic Vitality Commission – 1 vacancy
Historic Preservation Commission – 4 vacancies
Housing & Human Services – 4 vacancies
Lyons Arts and Humanities Commission – 1 vacancy
Parks and Recreation Commission – 0 vacancy
Planning & Community Development Commission – 1 vacancy
Student Advisory Commission – 0 vacancy
Sustainable Futures Commission – 1 vacancy
Utilities & Engineering Board – 1 vacancy

Town municipal code
To see the exact wording of what each commission and board has been charged to do, go to the Town Municipal Code page. Some of the commissions and boards have the exact code number on their Town web page for easy reference.

Town code on filling vacancies
A citizen may serve and participate on up to two (2) boards or commissions at the same time. A board or commission member can serve up to six (6) consecutive years on one (1) board or commission. After six (6) consecutive years on one (1) board or commission, the member may reapply to serve additional terms at the discretion of the Mayor.
Selecting chairs and vice chairs
Chairperson, vice chair, and second vice chair. The members of each board or commission shall select a chairperson and vice chair from among the board or commission’s voting membership annually to serve for one (1) year with a maximum of three (3) terms as chair. No chairperson shall be elected who has not completed at least one (1) year as a member of the board or commission, unless no other person is eligible or otherwise willing to serve as chair.

Town of Lyons logo

The Town of Lyons has a council-manager form of government, wherein six
trustees and one mayor are elected by voters and set policies for operating the Town government. The administrative implementation and management of policies are executed by the town administrator, who is appointed by the Board of Trustees.

The mayor may serve up to four two-year terms consecutively, for a total of eight years. Trustee members may serve up to three two-year terms consecutively, for a total of six years.

Board of Trustees meetings
Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following
approval. The Board of Trustees meets on the first and third Mondays of each month.

Board members and their liaison positions (as of June 2020)
Mayor Nick Angelo: Board of Adjustments, Student Advisory Commission, and
Sustainable Futures Commission
Mayor Pro Tem Mark Browning: Parks and Recreation Commission
Trustee Greg Lowell: Ecology Board, Audit Committee
Trustee Hollie Rogin: Economic Vitality Commission, Historic Preservation Commission
Trustee Kenyon Waugh: Planning and Community Development Commission
Trustee Mike Karavas: Utilities and Engineering Board
Trustee Wendy Miller: Housing and Human Services Commission (includes
Senior Services); Arts and Humanities Commission

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  1. HIya Kathleen! Great public service article! One thing needs clarification for readers — the requirement to serve. It should read “must live within the Lyons Regional Library District….” That is a legal definition from the state. It means within the borders of the District, and should not be misconstrued to mean the general area, region, or zip code. Thanks! – Darcie Sanders

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