1. Thank you for your many years of writing columns which kept us informed on housing issues in Lyons. Your positive thoughts, insight, and caring gave hope to many after the 2013 flood. It has been a joy to know you, and we wish you all the best for your new chapter in life, Amy!

  2. Amy- I admit I’m surprised and sad for all of us at the news of your leaving. Your steadfast, clear-headed, thorough and intelligent coverage of this crucial issue of affordable housing in Lyons has been absolutely essential to its progress. THANK YOU! I will miss you. We will miss you. Quite a gift you leave with us. Quite a legacy. I wish you and Caleb all the very best in your new chapter. And not afraid to admit some jealousy of your new home town, which I’m sure you’ll find a way to serve as well.

  3. Thanks for all of your hard work Amy. We’ll miss you. Good luck in your next endeavors.

  4. Well I’m sorry to hear that. Town has sure changed since the flood, and there was no choice. Guess it’s the end of an era. Another community is about to receive a gift.

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