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  1. A beautifully written article. It reminds me of something that I would write as an astronomy scientist and published artist in NASA sites
    I’ve written a few articles over the years for my local astronomy clubs, but this is much more polished and better worded than I could have written. I’ve tortured my friends to endure some of my lengthy writing. It’s quite refreshing to see a well-written article by someone else with a great common interest
    I’m glad that Keith posted this today, because my non astronomy friends should read and glean from this great information. I particularly like the fact that Keith posted original drawings by Galileo.
    [*I was also intrigued to notice a city name of Lyons, which we also have a city here in Oregon by the same name, and it is locally popular for the reason that the famous astronomer, the former editor of Astronomy magazine, Richard Berry and his wife reside here in Lyons Oregon.]

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