1. Thanks Chrystal for your here here and there there review worthy of Gertrude Stein’s living on forever where we reside, inside the picture of who an artist is – how the artist perceives, actions, & floats down from prior worlds to do good in ours!! I love my story seen with your vision, it’s a way to be written about that any artist would give thanks to receive.
    So thanks for your review, of a show fulfilled with 5 performances (later to be shared) that I squeaked out in time to be able to return home to Lyons only one day before flights stopped & coronavirus emptied Venezia. I had to leave most all the show behind at the EMILY Harvey Foundation office for a next return who knows when to do another residency already accepted – leading to two new books- one on Ray Johnson’s telephone calls- and one on the one-year 1983 NYC tied at waist art life experience of Linda Montano & Tehching Hsieh I tracked daily for that year.
    So with the virus stay at home policy, if it continues, I’ll be in the Artbox using the space for my own self- quarantined artist residency. Thanks Chrystal for the needed fresh air description I could not have written better than you!
    Coco Go aka SuperSkyWoman

  2. It was a honor, Coco. Be well / stay well & continue all the good you do.

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