1. I kind of remember having an account there in the 80s!
    Back when most of Main Street had those cool antique/museum stores I loved to wander!

  2. Terry – no the clock wont come back. the “guts” have been removed and the owner likes that it perpetually says that the time is “now”! A similar clock on the Pearl Street mall in Boulder was recently restored and was honored by Historic Boulder Preservation group in 2017== the large clock on a pedestal, near Wells Fargo Bank. It is fixed and now works and chimes. It was built around 1919, and became part of the mall in 1977. It tells the time on four sides and lights up at night. A combination of volunteers from the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors (NAWCC) and several grants got it restored. So, it would not have been an easy job to “fix” it.

  3. O J Ramey deserves a whole page on his own. When his bank was affected by the Great Depression, people in town say he was their hero because he made sure that they all got their money. I will have to dig deep into my files and write that up one day. // I have a small display/exhibit and a Ramey/Moody history brochure on the bank’ teller’s counter at the Redstone Museum that tells the story of the family and all the great things they did for Lyons economy. (He also gave our town matriarch LaVern Johnson her first job!) That teller’s cage is a thing of beauty – come in and admire it!

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