1. Thanks Ken, we moved here in 2008 from Boulder and haven’t looked back. We do have a dog and the dog has helped us get to know so many of the great folks here in Lyons!

  2. Welcome again, Ken & Sandy; and thanks for getting this paper going, We have lots of talented
    folks. Yes, I am always curious as to how come people moved to Lyons, a quiet town, with a lots
    going on, music, and more music, good schools, great sports, senior center & meals, friendly businesses, great town board, and more!!! Welcome to Lyons. LaVern (great granddaughter of John & Catherine Reese, who came in 1862 and homesteaded where the High School is; His daughter, Bertha, married James McConnell, from Cranberry Lake, New York. He and his brother, heard about the quarries in Lyons, snowshoed to Watertown and came by train. They had a lime kiln back of the present U-Pump-it; McConnell married the girl, Bertha, and moved to Eastlake Colorado, and raised 4 kids, one my dad, Bernie, who married the school teacher, Irene Emmerling, teaching at the Brantner school (by the Adams County Fairgrounds).. When my uncle Frank was getting sickly, my famiily moved to Lyons to farm the farm, I was 6 mos old..in 1928, thus my story, in part, of lyons..(send us stories of how you got here..always interesting)

  3. Thanks, Ken! So delighted you and Sandy landed here with us in Lyons. And kudos to you for spearheading the task of restarting the Lyons Recorder engine, for the 21st century. For the love and well-being of our beloved community. Lyons Rocks!

  4. Hi Ken! Loved your story. It’s a story I hear over and over about why many of our residents have moved to Lyons and why they love it here. I see you went to Rider College and lived in .Lambertville, NJ.. I went to Trenton State College and my husband went to Rutgers. Interesting that we ended up here in this amazing little town!❤️

  5. Ken and Sandy, we are all so glad you are here! This place is the hometown I never had before, so I know how you feel. It’s like finding the most comfortable pair of shoes, you just know it’s the right fit.
    And getting through the flood makes you Lyons through and through.

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