1. Thank you David! Loved reading this and being reminded to slow down and be curious! And, of course, to have enjoyed one of those hikes with my son and grandson!! T.G.

  2. Great article David. Well written with a lot of thought and experiences shared. And I was so surprised to read that you knew G. Fred Asbell! I knew him, met him when I was into archery and have a custom made recurve from him. Really enjoyed the writing. Thank you

  3. You missed one Apex Preditor. I’ll share more over that breakfast burrito with Bob & you.

  4. Thank you….I loved reading this. Set intentions, slow down, and be curious. Life goals.

  5. Thanks for your comments. I may write another article about the immense value of getting to know a place well and the benefits that accrue on every visit. We are fortunate in the West to have so much public land, and wild places within, to explore.

  6. Amazing Story David, I grew up in similar ways in Michigan… unsupervised. I remember my mother honking the car horn when I was on the back 40 letting me know it was dinner time. I believe there’s three million Acres of National Forest in Michigan some of which is along the coastline of Lake Michigan, where wilderness camping is permitted.

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