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  1. Boulder County officials have said, in essence, they will not be good stewards of these parcels; there’ll be no management plan and their care-taking will be strictly reactionary. The worries I heard at this meeting from AV residents were, for the most part, speculative. These parcels have strict deed restrictions that require them to be used only for open space-related activities. Never in any discussions by the Ecology Advisory Board or the Parks & Rec Commission was the idea of generating revenue from these properties broached. Boulder County officials also were enthusiastic about the Town already having in place an “adoption” process whereby abutters or others are allowed to use the buyout parcels for certain purposes like gardening, orchards, grazing, etc. The County has no such procedure. Regardless of whether the Town takes possession or the County retains these parcels, they cannot be developed beyond the open space restrictions. The crux of the matter is who is best suited to devise a management plan, enforce the plan restrictions and allow abutters to use the parcels – the town or the county?

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