1. Thanks for the great stories you are doing on the town of Lyons. I just wanted to tell you the train depot was also the first home to our small business, the Rustic-Bilt log cabin company.
    In 1964 two brothers Loyal and Loyd (twins) Austin came to Lyons from Michigan and started a construction company building Log cabins and Mountain homes. We built about 30 homes over the next 11 yrs…several stand in Lyons. We used the depot when we started then as we needed more room we moved to the corner of 66 &36.
    I still remember how excited I was as i sweeped the leaves and branches out of the old depot. It was our start!
    We closed in 1975 after the downturn in the economy slowed down building second homes.

  2. In your article about the Evan’s Homestead, you mention Isabella Bird’s trips from Longmont through what would become Lyons to Estes Park. I’ve read her “A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains” and have tried, in vain, to figure out from her sometimes-detailed descriptions the route(s?) she used to get there. (I rather think she must have had to use a path across what is now my property, but can’t tell for sure). Has anybody looked into this to figure out the road she would have taken back then get to Estes?

  3. Sarah – Thank you for the information! I don’t think I came across this in my research, so I will definitely have to add this to our file on the Railroad Depot! We are always interested in hearing local’s history, so please feel free to reach out to the museum with any information, photos, etc. We are closed for the winter, but available by appointment, our website is http://www.lyonsredstonemuseum.com and our email is redstonehistory@gmail.com. We will be open weekends in May.

    Keith- We are not sure about the specific route she took. We barely scratched the surface when delving into research on people traveling to Estes through Lyons during that time period. Hopefully, the museum will at some point have the manpower to put more research into Isabella Bird and Lyons as a stopping point for travelers. It would be such an interesting research project!

  4. The State Historic Fund and DOLA should be acknowledged for providing not only the majority of funding to rehabilitate the Depot post 2013 flood, but also the expertise essential to preserve the site. It would not have happened without them!

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