1. Sobering analysis by a well-informed writer. So much fodder for comment but the one that strikes me is the comment on the buyout properties. There’s concern abut the maintenance and insurance costs of accepting these parcels from Boulder County. I’ve seen an analysis by Town staff on the possible maintenance costs, but they don’t mention insurance; I would suspect that the Town’s current portfolio of 100 acres of open space is covered under its blanket liability policy. Do we know with any certainty that adding these 10 open space lots will increase our Town insurance bill? Of the $58K estimated for annual maintenance of these properties, 75% of that total is for “Litter Control” and most of the rest is for “Weed Control.” Until I see what the Town costs are for the current open space lots, I’m doubting that figure. Do we really send employees out once a week to police our current open space? We can debate the usefulness of being given these properties FREE by the county – and there will be a public hearing in the future – but until we get some accurate, historical figures on current open space, the maintenance costs sound like a bit of a red herring.

  2. Thanks, Mark, for your thoughtful commentary. I hope you’ll stay engaged in pursuit of solutions. I’d like to understand the magnitude of the coming budgetary gap.

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